Saturday, August 10, 2013

Young Thai Coconut Gellies

OK, 1st try.  Extracted meat and water from 1 Young Thai coconut, placed into the vitamix and pureed. Then heated to a low simmer and added 3tbsp Great Lakes Gelatin. Stir till dissolved. Pour into shallow container and chill. Once cold slice into 1inch squares. Flavor is kinda bland, although bringing it to room temp tastes better.

2nd attempt. Extract water only (save meat for another use) from 3 Young coconuts which resulted in 5cups. Placed that into a sauce pan over medium to heat to reduce. After 60min I was left with just over 2cups of liquid. Noticed some solid bits in the bottom of the pan so I strained it through some muslin and return to the pot. Heat to low simmer and add 2tbsp gelatin. Cool and slice. Much better, sweet coconut flavor and texture was like what I remember Jello being. Again flavor best at room temp.


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