Sunday, January 31, 2016

Avocado Ice Cream

       Some may think of this a treat and most recipes online are. I've made a couple of tweaks so it's a       guilt free indulgence. By leaving out the sugar, honey, maple syrup, sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners. Then adding homemade fermented creme fraiche for a probiotic boost. Calamansi (sweet lime flavor) was added to give a fruity note. 

2 avocados
1 c creme fraiche or heavy cream
3 tbsp calamansi or lime juice 

       Place all ingredients into vitamix, blender or food processor. Puree till smooth. You can enjoy at         this point or freeze. 

I placed in the freezer and stirred ever 15min till frozen. 

This would be luscious with an ice cream maker!

Macros 3 servings
Calories 432
Fat 47
Pro 2
Carbs 10

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