Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beyond Bacon

Got my copy a day earlier than expected!
As we all know the book is gorgeous and while it's great to look at yummy food photography I'm more interested in recipes. Just thumbing through their are quite a few I want to try. The Pho with chitterling noodles does look intriguing...I want to make something now but we are going out of town tomorrow (4th of July). 

Rummaging through the freezer to see what I have...pig tongue, Perfect! I'm making Lengua carnitas!! Instead of the crockpot I'm going to Sous vide for easier transport (just leave it vacuum sealed till ready to caramelize and eat). Being tongue no one else in the family will touch it, so there will be more for me!

If I had one nit to pick....I wish there were more offal recipes. Likes uses for liver, kidney, spleen and other odd bits. The book does give me plenty of ideas to expand to offal consumption.

Great work Stacy and Matt!

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