Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fried bitter melon

Picked up a couple bitter melon at the farmers market to try. Had it once years ago at a restaurant and thought I'd give it a try 

Slice in half and remove pulp and seeds

Chop into 1/4 thick pieces

Heat cast iron pan for 5min over medium high heat. Add 1tbsp lard, then spread melon into single layer. Stir occasionally, not too often because you want pieces to caramelize and stay crisp. When most pieces are browned add another tablespoon lard and 3cloves chopped garlic. Stir fry for to garlic is fragrant. Next comes fish sauce, 1tbsp (was not enough for me, 2tbsp was just about right) and 2 serrano chilies chopped

Definitely an acquired taste, strongly bitter, garlicky, salty with a little heat. Will try again!

2 small bitter melon (200g)
2tbsp lard
3 cloves garlic chopped
1tbsp fish sauce (or too taste)
2 serrano chilies chopped (optional)

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  1. Just found your blog and love it! I just love the bitter melons and always cooked the way you do here.