Thursday, January 31, 2013


Last couple of times I've made this (about a year ago) was from blood from the local Asian market. This time I wanted to try pastured pig blood. After a few calls the Local Butcher Shop had some that was frozen. On the way home from work I stopped by, the butcher pulls out this large container (looked like 1/2gal) and said if you want lesser amount we can thaw it over night but we can't refreeze remainder. Told him I would take it all. Also asked if they had any innards, but they did not.

About half way thawed I broke it up it up some what equal amount. It turned out to be just over 3qts. Returned 2qts to the freezer, the other will be for the recipe. It was a mess, blood everywhere so no photos this time.

Now that the blood was liquid I need a few more ingredients. So off to the Asian market to pick up some intestine and lemon grass. Found a 2lb package in the pile and grabbed 4 stalks grass. While I was there I saw the balut so I selected 2 to bring home.

While preparing the intestine I noticed the color and shape so I arranged it and snapped a photo. The package send end cuts so I'm not sure which end this is from.

The intestine needs to rinsed thoroughly inside and out, so it was chopped into manageable length and doused with cold water for many flushings. Once clean they are boiled for 30 min, then cut into bite size pieces.

While the innards were boiling the pork butt (remove any excess fat) and liver are chopped

Chop onions, garlic, ginger and bruise lemon grass. Have Hawaiian salt and bay leaves ready

Preheat large pot over medium high heat, add 2 tbsp lard. When melted add 1 onion, 6 cloves garlic, 2 thumb sized pieces of ginger. When onions are translucent add pork butt and brown. Next add chopped innards, lemon grass, 2 bay leaves and 2 cups water. Cook until water is reduce by 3/4. Now comes the blood. If you prefer a smoother texture lower heat and add in slowly stirring constantly. If you like it coagulated do not lower heat and minimal stirring. Once blood is simmering add liver and chilies or whole peppercorns, continue simmering till liver is cooked (about 10-15min). Remove lemon grass before serving.

Don't waste the fat that was trimmed from the butt. Render it out and save for later

Ready to eat! Served with garlic cauliflower "rice"


  1. What state are you in? We tried desperately to get pork blood in Va and DC but it's against the law here for vendors to sell it, or something?!

  2. Easiest place to find blood is at Asian Markets. Go to you China town, should be able to find it there.