Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pig Head dishes

Looks kinda gruesome this way

The skin was crispy and delicious, the meat was succulent with a hint of lemon, ginger and garlic. I wanted to get a photo of the eating of the skin but it was too good! got carried away and my hands were too greasy to handle the camera. It was eaten right in the pan, removed the strings and cut into it.

The next day I cut some slices from the cheek area and pan fried

While they were crisping up I warmed the bone broth and added kelp noodles and kalumungay leaves for a nice lunch.

For dinner fried up a couple more pieces of cheek and served it with some kale braised in lard seasoned with garlic and Hawaiian salt.

For something a little different I braised the meat in the bone broth with more kalamungay.

I had some rub left over so I took some pork chops out of the freezer and fried them up.

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