Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pho with Chitterling Noodles

Recipe straight from Beyond Bacon. If you're into whole animal eating like I am this is the book for you!

I've been wanting to try this since I go the book and finally had the 2 days need for preparation this weekend. Did make an alteration due to ingredients on hand. The change was bones for the broth, did not have any, but I did have trotters. Made a dandy substitute if I do say so myself.

I've cooked pig intestines before so chitterlings were no challenge for me, cleaning was a breeze but cooking was another matter. Smelled up the house pretty good! After that everything was straight forward. Made the recipes as written. The broth due to the trotters is thick with gelatin, it was great!

 Can't see the the goodness hiding below...

The chitterling noodles in all their glory!

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  1. This really reminds me of my hometown, a little village from Southern China, you could find a few stands that sell this kind of noodle soup on the street.....ohhhhh!