Friday, October 11, 2013

Chicken Heads and Feet

Tara Firma Farms has lessor wanted parts for a reasonable price. Heads, feet, gizzards and hearts for $3 a bag. Brought home a few of each to try them out. Extremities 1st and innards another time.

First up was bone broth. Tossed the frozen parts in a pot of water. 

Added an onion, a 1tbsp cider vinegar and a tablespoon of salt. Then simmered for 24hrs. Let cool and strained out the solids. Made a solid gelled broth.

Next day I made Sotanghan, a Filipino chicken sabaw (soup). A lime and ginger based broth with carrots, onions, your favorite dark green leafy veg and noodles, kelp used here.

Had a bag of feet and heads left and decided to give Zenbelly's Better than take-out stir fry sauce a try. Made the sauce the nigh before

You need to remove the nails, those babies are sharp

Then simmer for 90min or until tender. Next time I'll got longer, the knuckle cartilage was a but tough. Remove from broth and set a side to cool and dry for about 2hrs. Preheat oven to 450deg. Once dry slather each foot and head in lard and place on baking stone. Roast for about 20min and turn pieces over, continue cooking for another 20min.

In a wok heat sauce over high heat. Continue stirring until sauce is reduced and thick

Serve on bed of shredded cabbage. Sauce was great! but I did increase the  Red Boat to 2tbsp

See the brain? Tasted like fatty dark meat. Eyes were a bit chewy

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