Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grass-Fed Ribeye with coppa di testa

 The prime piece of meat has been in the freezer since last fall and it was time to for it to be consumed. Before leaving for work I dropped into my makeshift sous vide set to 130deg. Got home 7hrs later and through the cast iron in the 500deg oven for 30 min. To the ribeye out of the bath, then the bag and dried thoroughly. Fried up some coppa di testa (pig face bacon) and set aside.

Once the grill pan was up to temp the steak placed on the grill, 60sec one direction and another 60 the opposite way to get those fancy grill marks. Placed a pat of butter on the sizzling plate, seared the fat and bottom surface.

Plated, brown butter poured over the steak and topped with coppa, served with spaghetti squash carbonara. Cassava cake for dessert. 

Being my 1st grass fed ribeye minimal seasoning were used to be able to taste the meat. Only Himalayan salt and Kerrygold butter. So tender and flavorful, the fat was buttery and the area around the bone was the juiciest. 

The aftermath

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