Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vietnamese Inspired Beef Heart Jerky

Got a hankerin' for some jerky and wanted to go Asian. Most recipes have way too much sugar, this has 1tbsp for 1.5lb heart. But what other flavors to add? How about fish sauce, sriracha, lemon and coconut aminos?

Remove heart from freezer about 8hrs before slicing (makes it so much easier). Trim any fat away and slice into 1/4 strips.

Place in ziplock back.

Into bag add 1/3c Thai chili sriracha, 2.5tbsp fish sauce, 3tbsp coconut aminos, 1tbsp coconut sugar, 1.5tbsp lemon juice.

Mix thoroughly and marinate overnight.

Remove from marinade and place on rack without over lapping

Place in oven at lowest temp with door ajar. Check meat about every hour for desired dryness. After 6hrs (depending on thickness and temp) it was dry.

...and ready to enjoy.

Level of heat I love but probably too hot for some. Flavor was good but next time I'll increase the fish sauce and lemon.

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