Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sous Vide Goat Burger

The poor man's sous vide, an external controller with thermostat that reads temp of water and cycles the power on and off. Only thing this doesn't do circulate the water like that the expensive units. Water temp was brought up to 130deg. 

Goat was seasoned with thyme, onion, salt and pepper, placed in a vacuum sealed bag and submerged for 90min to bring. 

After 90min the bag is removed the water and burger placed on metal rack and seared using a propane torch and an egg quickly fired. Portobello mushrooms used for buns, along with kale and lard mayo.

Goat has a sweet taste, not what I was expecting. Very lean so sous vide cooking suits it well, kept the meat very moist and tender.


  1. For your sous vide, to circulate the water... they make these very small filter and pump in one units for small fish tanks only a few gallons. I bet one would work. Just remove filter material and let the little pump run to swirl the water. Not expensive at all.
    You may have inspired me to set up a sous vide the same way too. Thx!